2021 Youth Volunteer Application

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  • In case of emergency, please provide information below on who we should contact.
  • Policy statement for disqualifying offenses for First Tee - Greater Charlotte's volunteer services

    In order to perform our due diligence in protecting the well-being and safety of each child we serve, FTGC will perform a criminal background check on all Volunteers. FTGC deems it necessary and advisable as a matter of policy to reserve the right to disqualify any person who has been charged with an convicted of any crime on FTGC's list of disqualifying offenses. The following offenses are grounds for disqualification, regardless of any extenuating circumstances: -Crimes against the family, sex related offenses, child related offenses, murder, felony, theft/robbery/burglary offenses, and fraud related offenses and crimes against persons and property -All other offenses not otherwise described above may result in disqualification at the discretion of AISD and/or FTGC. Factors considered by FTGC to determine disqualification include the nature and severity of the criminal conduct, the length of time since the offense occurred, the likelihood of rehabilitation (which must be evidenced by community standing, employment and references) and other factors that FTGC may deem appropriate under the circumstances.
  • Basic chapter policies and procedures for child safety

    First Tee - Greater Charlotte does not allow volunteers to be alone with students at any time. Please ensure that there is another volunteer or staff member present whenever you are with a student. Ask for help from a member of the staff or volunteers. Volunteers may not accompany a child to the bathroom or to a secluded area under any circumstances. For the protection of the student and volunteer, the following actions are prohibited at all times -spending time alone with a child -telling inappropriate jokes or stories -"making eyes at" or giving seductive looks -discussions of one's sex life or relationships -sitting too close or lying next to a child -finding ways to be alone with a child -confiding in a child about personal issues -engaging in physical "horseplay" such as tickling or wrestling with participants
  • Professionalism

    Please dress appropriately. Please keep cell phone use to a minimum while volunteering. Please do not smoke or use inappropriate language while volunteering
  • Student Behavior

    First Tee - Greater Charlotte has a strict Code of Conduct for participants. Each student should know and understand the Code. If a student causes a problem, please bring the situation to a staff member.
  • First Aid

    In the event of injury or emergency involving a student, immediately call 911 if the injury is or could be severe or life threatening. Locate and contact the "Emergency Contact" person on file for the student. Render first aid until someone of higher medical training is capable to render further assistance.